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Note : C. U. Shah College of Pharmacy has NOT APPLIED FOR ACCREDITATION BY NBA

Befitting with the objectives of the University and due to the rapid changes taking place in society wherein more girls are opting for professional courses, the University started a full fledged degree course in Pharmacy in Juhu Campus at C.U.Shah College of Pharmacy in 1980,with the generous donation of Rs. five lacs from C.U.Shah Charitable Trust and later a further donation of Rs. eight lacs. Padmashree A. V. Mody of Unichem Laboratories also gave a donation of Rs. five lacs to the college.
C. U. Shah College of Pharmacy is conducted under the aegis of SNDT Women’s University with the mission to impart excellence in pharmaceutical education and develop proficient women pharmacists and technocrats. The college caters to the needs of pharmaceutical profession in the country and imparts quality, pharmaceutical education at the degree, post graduate and doctoral levels. The college offers B. Pharm. (4 Years), M. Pharm. in Quality Assurance (Q.A.), Industrial Pharmacy (I. P.) and M. Pharm. in Herbal Drug Technology (HDT).

M. Pharm. in Q. A. was introduced in India for the first time in 1989. M. Pharm. in I.P. was introduced in 2005. M. Pharm. in HDT was started in 2013, first time in Maharashtra. The college has emerged as one of the leading and growing pharmacy education centre in India and is committed to become a centre of excellence in pharmaceutical education and research. C. U. Shah College of Pharmacy is recognized by AICTE, New Delhi, DTE, Government of Maharashtra and is approved by PCI, New Delhi.
The college also offers PhD in Faculty of Technology.

• Well equipped laboratories for undergraduate and
   postgraduate students.
• Sophisticated instruments such as HPLC,
   Spectrofluorimeter, HPTLC, GC, DSC, Particle size
   analyzer, Zeta sizer, High speed homogenizer, Microplate
   reader & washer, supercritical extractor, Clinical
   bioanalyser, Microwave assisted synthesizer and
•  Advanced equipments such as spray drier, fluidized bed
   dryer, coating pan, refrigerated centrifuge, lyophiliser
• Nanotechnology laboratory
• CPCSEA approved animal house
• CADD laboratory

Focus areas

- Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery System
- Drug design and Discovery
- Phytochemistry
- Pharmaceutical Analysis
- Pharmacology

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1. To provide excellent professional education in
    Pharmaceutical Sciences for the students;
2. To cultivate excellent and innovative research
    environment in college
3. To empower women pharmacists with knowledge and


• To impart knowledge, develop skills and competencies in
   women students in pharmaceutical sciences and
   pharmacy practice
• To develop and advance the knowledge, attitude and
   skills of pharmacists and faculty member who can
   provide comprehensive pharmaceutical care to patients,
   improve patient outcomes, and meet societal needs for
   safe and effective drug therapy.
• To develop, promote and nurture research activities
   pursuing advances in pharmaceutical sciences and
   pharmacy practice. Translating research into healthcare
   practice is a cornerstone of our mission.


Healthcare beyond prescription.


C. U. Shah College of Pharmacy

SNDT Women’s University,
Sir Vithaldas Thakersay,
Santacruz West, Juhu,
Mumbai 400 049.
Principal of College
Dr. Pratima Tatke (Principal) 

• Ph. D. in Technology (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
• M. Pharm. in Quality Assurance
• M. Pharm. in Pharmaceutics
• M. Pharm. in Herbal Drug Technology
• Bachelor of Pharmacy

Teaching Faculty
• Dr. Pratima Tatke – Professor of Pharm. Chem.
• Dr. M. J. Bhitre – Associate Professor of Pharm. Chem.
• Dr. Namita Desai - Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics
• Ms. Minakshi Nehete – Assistant Professor of Pharm.
• Ms. Prachi Mehendale – Assistant Professor of
• Ms. Tanmayee Joshi–Assistant Professor of
• Ms. Rohini Waghmare–Assistant Professor of