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Academic calendar 2014-2015 (B. Pharm)
Date Day Events Course
June 9,2014 Monday Reopening of the institute after summer break and Term I begins Sem III, V and VII
Aug 4, 2014 Monday Beginning of term for Semester I Sem I
Aug 19-22, 2014 Tue-Fri Unit test Sem III, V and VII
Sept 5, 2014 Friday Teacher’s day Celebration All UG
Sept10-12, 2014 Sept19-20, 2014 Wed-Fri Fri-Sat Yuva Mahotsav University Festival All UG
Sept 17,2014 Wednesday One day state level seminar on “Nuclear Medicine & Healthcare” All UG
Sept, 19 2014 Friday Hospital visit to KEM Hospital Sem VI
Sept 24-30, 2014 Wed-Tue Unit test Sem I
Oct 1, 2014 Wednesday Saraswati Pujan All semesters
Oct 6 -10, 2014 Mon-Fri Improvement Unit test Sem III, V and VII
Oct 13, 2014 Monday Fresher’s Party All semesters
Oct 14-17, 2014 Tue-Fri Presentation of seminar by Final Year B. Pharm Sem VII
Oct 17, 2014 Fri Deadline for submission of report of seminar presentation Sem VII
Oct 20, 2014 –Nov 09, 2014 Diwali break All semesters
Nov 10-20, 2014 Final Semester Examination Sem III
Nov 13-27, 2014 Final Semester Examination Sem VII
Nov 17-Dec 1, 2014 Final Semester Examination Sem V
Dec 8 -23, 2014 Final Semester Examination Sem I
Dec 11, 2014 Thursday Lecture by Dr. Mahesh Burande, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune for GPAT Sem VIII
Dec 8, 2014 Monday Musical Programme Gata rahe mera dil by Dr. Ravindra R. P. All semesters
Dec 19, 2014 Friday Guest Lecture by Dr.Girish Shah, Lavale University, Canada All semesters
Dec 24, 2014 Wednesday Avishkar University level round Sem VIII
Dec 25, 2014 – Jan 04, 2015 Thu-Sun Christmas break All semesters
Dec 26, 2014- Jan 4, 2015 Pharmacy Festival (RX)-Inter-college extra-curricular competitions
organized by Indian Pharmaceutical Association- Sports events
All semesters
Jan 10-14, 2015 Sat-Wed Rx Festival Technology events All semesters
Jan 16-18, 2015 Fri-Mon Rx Festival cultural events All semesters
Jan 19-21, 2015 Mon-Wed Participation of students in Tejaswini Competition All semesters
Jan 21-23, 2015 Wed-Thu Participation of students in Avishkar Inter-University research
Jan 27 –Feb 2, 2015 Tue-Mon Unit test I Sem IV, VI and VIII
Feb 2-6, 2015 Mon-Fri Unit test I Sem II
Feb 9-13,2015 Mon-Fri Celebration of different days – Saree day, Mismatch day, etc. All semesters
Feb 18-20, 2015 Wed-Fri Sports Day All semesters
March 2-6, 2015 Mon-Fri Improvement unit test Sem IV, VI and VIII
March 9-13, 2015 Mon-Fri Improvement unit test Sem II
March 19, 2015 Thursday Seminar from Indo Canadian Shastri Institute for higher studies in
Final Year
March 24, 2015 Tuesday Annual day Celebration All semesters
March 25, 2015 Wednesday One day State Level Seminar on “Use of Science and Technology for
human health”
All semesters
March 26, 2015 Wednesday Farewell to Final Year B. Pharm. All semesters
April 20-30, 2015 Final Semester Examination Sem VI and VIII
May 05-May 18 2015 Final Semester Examination Sem II and
Sem IV
May1 to May 30, 2015   One month Internship/Industrial training Sem. VI
April 30, 2015
June 09, 2015
Summer vacation UG