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 Research Projects

Dr. K. K. singh
Herbal nanoparticulate drug delivery system for topical treatment of psoriasis
Funding Agency - UGC-MRP
Amount (Rs. Lakhs) - 12.0 Lacs

Dr. K. K. singh/ Dr. Rajani Athawale
Upgradation and modernisation of Industrial Pharmacy Laboratory
Funding Agency - AICTE-MODROB
Amount (Rs. Lakhs) - 14.5 Lacs

Dr. S. S. Mahajan
Cysteine protease inhibitors as novel antimalarials
Funding Agency - ICMR
Amount (Rs. Lakhs) - 5.2 Lacs

Dr. Rajani Athawale
Design & Evaluation of Nanocarriers For Treatment of Estrogen Sensitive Breast Cancer
Funding Agency - UGC-MRP
Amount (Rs. Lakhs) - 9.80 Lacs

Dr. Pratima Tatke
Wound Healing Activity of medicinal plant formulations
Funding Agency - Ari Health Care, Pune
Amount (Rs. Lakhs) - 1.25 Lacs

PhD Programme for 5 students
Funding Agency - UGC-BSR
Amount (Rs. Lakhs) - 48 Lacs


Mrs. Rohini Waghmare
Standardization and Activity of some herbal medicines in metabolic disorders.
Funding Agency - AICTE Career Award
Amount (Rs. Lakhs) - 1.5 Lacs


Dr. Pratima Tatke
Phytochemical and Pharmacological Evaluation of
Abelmoschus esculantes (Lady finger)
Funding Agency - Shastri Research Grant
Amount - 10000 CAD

Dr. S. S. Mahajan
Evaluation of in vivo efficacy novel families of anticancer
compounds on human tumors grafted to chick embroys
Funding Agency - Shastri Research Grant
Amount - 10000 CAD

C. U. Shah College of Pharmacy

SNDT Women’s University,
Sir Vithaldas Thakersay,
Santacruz West, Juhu,
Mumbai 400 049.
Principal of College
Dr. Pratima Tatke (Principal) 

• Ph. D. in Technology (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
• M. Pharm. in Quality Assurance
• M. Pharm. in Pharmaceutics
• M. Pharm. in Herbal Drug Technology
• Bachelor of Pharmacy

Teaching Faculty
• Dr. Pratima Tatke – Professor of Pharm. Chem.
• Dr. M. J. Bhitre – Associate Professor of Pharm. Chem.
• Dr. Namita Desai - Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics
• Ms. Minakshi Nehete – Assistant Professor of Pharm.
• Ms. Prachi Mehendale – Assistant Professor of
• Ms. Tanmayee Joshi–Assistant Professor of
• Ms. Rohini Waghmare–Assistant Professor of